JC and Prospecting Saronite Ore

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JC and Prospecting Saronite Ore

Post  Goric on Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:44 am

Hi guys, Goric here. I am a JC and i decided to carry out an invistagation on prospecting saronite ore. I spent 4-5 hours mining Saronite ore on my rogue (Otacon) and ended up with 30 stacks (600 ore) and afew gems and titanium, but this analysis wont include them.. anyway to get to the point.

I prospected all 30 stacks and this is what i got.

26x Shadow Crystal
22x Dark Jade
22x Chalcedony
21x Blood Stone
29x Huge Citrine
19x Sun Crystal

9x Forest Emerald
6x Twilight Opal
4x Autumn's Glow
3x Scarlet Ruby
7x Sky Sapphire

Now the Prices. I have searched the Auction House for prices of all the gems.

30 Stacks Saronite ore - 35g - 40g per stack = 1050g- 1200g

Green Gems (Uncut)
Shadow Crystal = 5g ea X 26 = 130g
Dark Jade = 3g-5g ea X 22 = 66g - 110g
Chalcedony = 5g ea X 22 = 110g
Blood Stone = 3g-5g ea X 21 = 63g - 105g
Huge Citrine = 3g-5g ea X 29 = 87g - 145g
Sun Crystal = 3g-10g ea X 19 = 57g - 190g

Blue Gems (uncut)
Forest Emerald - 100g-150g ea X 9 = 900g-1,350g
Twilight Opal - 35g - 90g ea X 6 = 210g - 450g
Autumn's Glow - 70g - 100g ea X 4 = 280g - 400g
Scarlet Ruby - 100g - 150g ea X 3 = 300g - 450g
Sky Sapphire - 35g - 100g ea X 7 = 245g - 700g

30 Stacks of Saronite Ore = 1,050g - 1200g
All Gems uncut - 2,448 - 4,140g

So prospecting gems will increase your profit if you sold all the uncuts you get from prospecting, these are the Auction House prices and even if you undercut the lowest price on the Auction House you would still earn twice as much as you would if you was to sell the ore. Even thou the gems are random,

I will carry out another investigation like this to see if i get similar results

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Re: JC and Prospecting Saronite Ore

Post  Jetrini on Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:07 am

Wow Moose - thats some nice theorycrafting, almost makes me want to become a JC myself Very Happy

Should be interesting to see if this is picked up on and whether prices might drop soon at the AH or not. I wonder if the time of week effects the prices to any great extent too e.g. over the weekend vs midweek sales

Thanks for the data


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